Sarasota Ophthalmologist Miyashiro, MDEye Doctor in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL

At the time I write this short biography, I am 54 years old, having moved to Bradenton, Florida less than 3 months ago, leaving my own 20 year private practice in ophthalmology in Hilo, Hawaii. It was a difficult decision to move as I loved the community I practiced, my patients and staff.

My wife Joelle and I have two sons, our older one Cole is 14 years old and younger one Dane 11 years old. We moved to Bradenton as our older son is playing baseball here and we wanted to stay together as a family so we took the journey to the other side of the continent together.

I am the only physician from my family and come from humble beginnings. My parents are from Kauai and father grew up on a sugar plantation with 6 siblings. He attended the US Military Academy at West Point and became a civil engineer. As you may imagine, being the son of a West Point graduate, my upbringing was extremely disciplined. My mother, also from Kauai, attended college in Michigan and was a speech pathologist in the public education system of Hawaii.

Immediately after graduating West Point, my father was in the Vietnam war and it was during this time I was born on an Army base in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. We moved around some and eventually, my parents moved back to Hawaii to raise both my younger sister and self. This is where I my childhood memories, family and friendships reside. I love and believe in hard work. I've worked non stop since I was 15 years old. My first job was in a country grocery store where I was a bag boy and did this throughout high school and college at both the University of Hawaii and well as during school breaks from pharmacy school where I attended Creighton University. While attending school in Nebraska, I did various jobs there to make ends meet and loved every minute of it! I later sent myself to medical school by moonlighting as a pharmacist. I did an internship in internal medicine and got my general practitioner license which I utilized during my ophthalmology residency and fellowship training in Houston, Texas at the Hermann Eye Center, I moonlighted as a general practitioner at urgent care facilities and primary care offices and at the Harris County Jail in Houston which was quite an experience! During COVID, when Hawaii shut down, I was really glad I had been a general practitioner in addition to ophthalmologist as I helped many patients with general medical care as many primary care physicians shut down their practices during those dark times. I know that these patients were appreciative that I would help them with non-eye issues when they were desperate.

Fortunately as we move forward out of this pandemic, I can concentrate on ophthalmology here in Florida! I feel so fortunate to be associated with Dr. Dana Weinkle and the Palm Coast Eye Center where we all strive to keep the highest standards.

As you can tell, I am old school and believe in hard work and loyalty. When not practicing medicine or tending to our children, my passion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which I admittingly love equally as much as medicine. I've started my BJJ journey non-stop since 2009 and have been contemplating starting my own school in Bradenton. I love to work out to supplement my BJJ and otherwise keep to myself and am a self proclaimed house cat and love to stay at home.