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See Clearly After Cataract Surgery

Have you heard of premium lenses?  These are specialty lenses used during cataract surgery that can reduce or even eliminate your dependency on glasses after cataract surgery!

Designer Frames and Contact Lenses

The optical shop at Palm Coast Eye Center offers the latest styles and designer names along with economical options for the entire family.  Are you looking for contact lenses? Our team can fit and supply your contact lenses.

What Our Patients Say

Hear what real patients have to say about their care and treatment at Palm Coast Eye Center.  There is no better recommendation than the words of our valuable patients.


Q. Do I need to wait until my cataract is mature or "ripe" before I can have implant surgery?

A. Cataract can be removed at any stage of its development. Surgery is recommended when your vision begins to interfere with normal activities.

Q. Can a cataract be removed using a laser?

A. No. However, a cloudy lens capsule (sometimes called an “after cataract”), which occasionally forms after cataract surgery, can be removed using the YAG laser.

Q. If I have glaucoma, can I still have cataract surgery?

A. Yes. Cataract and implant surgery can be safely performed in most patients with glaucoma.

Q. Will I need to wear glasses after implant surgery?

A. Yes. Best vision often requires reading glasses or bifocals. No contact lenses or thick cataract lenses are necessary.

Q. Am I too old for cataract surgery?

A. No. Many people over 100 years of age have undergone successful cataract surgery. If you are in reasonably good health, there is no reason to live with poor vision due to cataracts.

Q. My cataract surgery was years ago. Can I still have a lens implant?

A. Yes. A “secondary” intraocular lens implant can be inserted after previous cataract surgery when a patient fails to adjust to thick cataract glasses or contact lenses.

Q. What if I have cataracts in both eyes?

A. Only one eye is operated at a time. Cataract surgery can generally be performed on the second eye two to four weeks after the first operation.

Q. Can astigmatism be corrected during cataract surgery?

A. Yes. Astigmatism can be reduced utilizing carefully placed incisions created with specially calibrated diamond blades, known as LRI or Limbal Relaxing Incisions.  Many patients are candidates for a premium Toric lens to reduce astigmatism.  Check with the doctor.